About us

Guangzhou Yingtong Electromechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment for air conditioning (including air conditioning units, terminals, refrigeration equipment, air purification), including central air conditioning engineering design and installation, water supply and drainage engineering, electrical and mechanical heating equipment and engineering installation. , electrical lighting engineering, building intelligent system equipment engineering installation, central air conditioning system maintenance and service, home air conditioning installation and maintenance, cold storage design and installation and maintenance. To provide our customers with a comprehensive range of pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale, installation and maintenance services.

Company goals
Establishing the development of high-tech technology as the direction, continuous improvement, becoming the primary enterprise trusted by customers, and establishing its position in the market competition.
Company philosophy
Believe in the letter, peace of mind
Company slogan
People-oriented, technology as the soul, focus on science and technology, focus on quality, focus on service.
Our company has excellent management talents and perfect quality management system. It has a highly specialized technical team with advanced technology and advanced technical personnel. It has a group of senior technical personnel in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and HVAC engineering. Technical strength and standardized management system, with a formalized and experienced construction team. With advanced and complete construction equipment. Make our project quality reliable! Our company has a large number of strong product suppliers, which make us a complete range of trade products, price concessions and reliable quality. Adhering to the product quality as the fundamental, market demand-oriented, to create value for customers as the spirit of responsibility! All are welcome to inquire and negotiate!